Malta Vibes Knockout Series #2: Round of 16 begins!

The Round of 16 is about to kick-off and the action will become even more intense.

With teams such as mouz NXT, 777 and Eternal Fire taking to the stage after their wins in the Round of 32, these teams now know what it takes to make it one step further.

The full match schedule for the RO16 can be found here!

17th September:
:one: Unique vs. Helsinki REDS (10.00AM)
:two: mouz NXT vs. GORILLAZ (13.00PM)
:three: Trasko vs. Enterprise (16.00PM)
:four: Eternal Fire vs. B8 (19.00PM)

18th September:
:one: cowana vs. Finest (10.00AM)
:two: ONYX vs. 777 (13.00PM)
:three: BLINK vs. Lyngby Vikings (16.00PM)
:four: Young Ninjas vs. Spirit Academy (19.00PM)

Catch all the action here:

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