MALTA VIBES WEEK 5: Group B – Recap

The group today contained some really strong teams, but only the strongest survived…

It were AVEZ and Gambit YNG who won the opening matches. Na’Vi Junior got knocked down to the lower bracket together with Apeks.

In the upper bracket is was Gambit who dominated the game and won with a really quick 2-0 series.
Even though Apeks put up a really good fight against Na’Vi Junior, they faced the same destiny and lost 2-0.

Sending the Juniors into the Decider match against AVEZ: Na’Vi who just came from a solid victory had the momentum on their side and transitioned that into a very smooth victory on Overpass (16-11). AVEZ had one last chance to stay in the tournament and had to redeem themselves on Dust 2.
But since Dust2 was the Ukrainian’s map pick, AVEZ wasn’t able to pick it up and so it was Na’Vi who secured that last ticket to the playoffs.

Two strong teams, Gambit Youngsters and Na’Vi Junior will join the winners from Group A in the playoff bracket, starting on Sunday.

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