MALTA VIBES WEEK 2: Group D – Recap

After this packed day of Counter Strike we put an end to the week 2 groups, since also Group D has now been played out.

Honoris started off really strong against endpoint in Group D, and faced aTTaX in the Winners match after they Lyngby Vikings on their turn.
But in the Winners match aTTax quickly shut down the door for Honoris with a 2-0 victory to claim the second to last spot in the semi Finals.
Due to this Honoris dropped down to the decider match.

Meanwhile in the Elimination match Endpoint and Lyngby Vikings were having an relatively close game but the Vikings couldn’t stand ground and had to pass both maps to Endpoint.

In the decider match Honoris again started off really strong, but it just wasn’t meant to be as Endpoint kept blocking them off on both maps. The first map Dust2 ended up 16-11, and vertigo what seemed to go to Honoris, got stolen as well 16-14. And thus is Endpoint the final team to advance to the playoffs.

We hope you’re just as excited as us to dive into the playoffs tomorrow!

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