Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: Quarter & Semi Finals!

We are only a few hours away from the new stage of the Quarter Finals and we can already feel the heat!

The first RO16 had its upsets with a lot of surprises on the way! Most of the matches ended with 2-0 giving the third map a rest, but the battle between Young Ninjas and Finest was particularly fierce, as Young Ninjas showed no mercy and took Inferno 1-16. The RO16 #2 was also something to remember! The participants were determined to win and so they did, with only three invited teams getting to the next stage. Team Anonymo really stood out, with their performance so far but also with their smooth 16-2 win on Nuke against ENTERPRISE.

Teams that didn’t do so well, are going home with $1,000 including Entropiq Prague and PACT, while Astralis Talent and Young Ninjas are going back to base with $2,000 in their pockets. All standing participants are eager to start the new stage as it will bring them closer and closer to the 2 bootcamps and to the money prize of up to $25,000!

We have some very promising battles on the quarter-finals schedule:
1. Nemiga vs. EC Kyiv
2. 1shot vs. Anonymo
4. Team Spirit vs. SAW

All these matches can be viewed on Eden’s official Twitch channel, with battles starting from 10 AM until 7 PM CET!


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