Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5 – we’ve got the winners!

The fifth edition of the Malta Vibes has come to an end. It has been a wild run throughout each round of the tournament which provided us breathtaking moments.

The final pair had to battle strong contenders at the semis. HEET took forZe 2:1 while K23 had to deal with SINNERS and it also took them 3 maps to come on top of the rivals. Each match was packed with emotions to the brim. It’s a pleasure to watch immense battles like the ones we were witnesses of.

Later on, we experienced an incredible fight for first place in this edition of Malta Vibes. Team HEET turned out to have an upper hand in the grand final defeating K23 2:0! However, K23 is not leaving empty-handed – an $8,000 award is a well-deserved reward for being knocked out by just one team. This one team is HEET and their winnings are $24,000! On top of that, both squads from the Grand Final will also enjoy a boot camp in Malta – an invaluable experience that will help them to improve on their performances in the future. 

We bet HEET will remember this Knockout Series #5 as it is their first win in all of our Malta Vibes competitions. Huge congratulations to the winners! Hope to see them again soon!

Kudos to all teams participating as well as to each and every member of the audience.
Stay with Eden Esports Twitch channel for the next editions of Malta Vibes ☀️ You would not regret it!

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