Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4: Quarter & Semi-Finals

The fourth tournament of the Malta Vibes circuit is getting closer to the finish line!

The teams now must step up their game if they want to reach the end, where two bootcamps in Malta are waiting for the two finalists, and the money prize of 25,000$ is waiting for the true champion!

Before we continue, let’s see all the action that went down!

In the first RO16, we witnessed some exceptional performances and great strategies from all the participants, resulting in many 2-0 victories! During the second RO16, the invited teams stood their ground, while the original participants revealed the aces they had up their sleeves.

Some of the teams that qualified to the quarter-finals include 1WIN, ECSTATIC, BLINK, and MOUZ NXT.

The next stage will be even better than the previous, with some promising matches going down over the next couple of days.

December 7th:
2. Dignitas vs. INDE IRAE
3. MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames
4. MOUZ NXT vs. 1WIN

December 8th:
1. TBD vs. TBD
2. TBD vs. TBD

These matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel, with action going live from 10:00 AM CET right through the day to keep you entertained!

Watch the matches with us:

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