Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3: Round of 16 Invites!

Today is an exciting day where we’re going to meet the invited teams and those who will battle with them!

Some of the teams that earn their place in this stage include Izako Boars, Nexus, and ONYX who have taken home 1,000$ as a prize of the RO16 stage.

There is going to be a lot of excitement during these matches and we can not wait!

October 17th:
1. Lyngby Vikings vs. hREDS
2️. mouz NXT vs. ONYX
3. 1WIN vs. Nexus
4. Sharks vs. INDE IRAE

October 18th:
1. Young Ninjas vs. ENTERPRISE
2. Galaxy Racer vs. MASONIC
3. Finest vs. AVE
4. Dignitas vs Izako Boars

After that, we’ll move to the Quarter Final where the teams will do their best to secure a chance to win the 25,000$ grand prize, with the two finalists getting a boot camp in Malta!

You can always watch the matches here:

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