It’s time for Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3!

The third edition of the Malta Vibes Ultimate Knockout Series arrives on your screens starting on the 11th of October, where another 40 teams will come together to battle it out for the $50,000 prize pool.

With a packed-out lineup of teams coming from all over Europe and Brazil, we are sure to be gifted with some incredible matches as teams fight their way towards the top spot.

Once more, the format will follow the Single Elimination bracket and will once again reward the teams from the Round of 16 onwards who will all win a share of the prize pool for each victory they amass. Eventually, one team will have fought the hardest and will bag themselves up to $25,000. Not only that, but the winning team together with the runner-up will receive a bootcamp package in Malta!

The tournament will take place from 11th October to 21st October.

All matches can be watched on the official Twitch channels:


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