Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4 is over!

Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4 is now completed!

We are delighted to announce that Copenhagen Flames (currently at #14 in the World Ranking) became our champions with an amazing performance of 2-0 in the finale!

They are taking home the amazing prize of 24,000$ and both of the finalists will be able to enjoy our premium bootcamp in picturesque Malta!

We want to thank all the teams for participating in this adventure with us!

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4: Quarter & Semi-Finals

The fourth tournament of the Malta Vibes circuit is getting closer to the finish line!

The teams now must step up their game if they want to reach the end, where two bootcamps in Malta are waiting for the two finalists, and the money prize of 25,000$ is waiting for the true champion!

Before we continue, let’s see all the action that went down!

In the first RO16, we witnessed some exceptional performances and great strategies from all the participants, resulting in many 2-0 victories! During the second RO16, the invited teams stood their ground, while the original participants revealed the aces they had up their sleeves.

Some of the teams that qualified to the quarter-finals include 1WIN, ECSTATIC, BLINK, and MOUZ NXT.

The next stage will be even better than the previous, with some promising matches going down over the next couple of days.

December 7th:
2. Dignitas vs. INDE IRAE
3. MAD Lions vs. Copenhagen Flames
4. MOUZ NXT vs. 1WIN

December 8th:
1. TBD vs. TBD
2. TBD vs. TBD

These matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel, with action going live from 10:00 AM CET right through the day to keep you entertained!

Watch the matches with us:

Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4: RO16 Invites!

The Round of 16 Invites is about to kick-off, and the teams must make greater efforts to get to the end of the tournament, where two bootcamps are waiting for the two finalists, but only one of them will get up to $25,000 money prize!

Some of the teams that earned their place in this stage and are taking home 1,000$ as a prize are Budapest Five, Wisla Krakow, MOUZ NXT, and Nemiga.

Things are going to get heated during the upcoming matches!

December 5th:
1. BLINK vs. Budapest Five
2️. 1WIN vs. Wisla Krakow
3️. CPH Flames vs. AVE

December 6th:
1. ECSTATIC vs. Nemiga
2️. Dignitas vs. Eternal Fire
3️. MAD Lions vs. ENTERPRISE

Next stop is the quarter-finals! The teams should be ready for anything as they’re getting closer and closer to the grand final!

All matches can be viewed on Eden Esports Twitch channel, starting from 10:00 AM CET.

You don’t want to miss the action:

Ready for the RO16? Malta Vibes Knockout Series #4

It’s time for the exciting RO16 so let’s sum up the achievements so far!

So far our fourth adventure has been filled with fantastic matches, yet some teams finished their journey pretty early and are taking home only $1,000 in prizes, these teams are: hREDS, fnatic Rising, Young Ninjas, Marten, Nexus, Apeks Rebels, D13, EC Brugge, Tricked, Astralis Talent, 777, eXploit, AURA, SAW Youngsters, 4glory and Feenix.

Our journey continues into the RO16 stage and we have interesting matchups that are soon to be played, including:

December 3rd:
1️⃣ EC Kyiv vs. Wisla Krakow
2️⃣ Budapest Five vs. Finest
3️⃣ Nemiga vs. cowana

December 4th:

2️⃣ Eternal Fire vs. Coalesce
3️⃣ Enterprise vs. Ambush
4️⃣ AVE vs. Tranquillum

On December 5th we will move on to the next stage of RO16, which will be with our invites who will be able to face the teams who have managed to get through the first stage of the RO16. The invited teams are:
CPH Flames
MAD Lions

Those teams continue their battle for a $50,000 prize pool and two bootcamp packages in Malta.

You can watch the matches starting from 10:00 AM CEST on Eden Esports Twitch channel.  Let’s watch them together, shall we?

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