Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3 reached its end!

We are extremely happy to announce that Lyngby Vikings became the champion with outstanding performance and scoring 2-1 in the final battle!

The Team is taking home the prize of 24,000$ and both finalists will be able to enjoy our premium bootcamp in picturesque Malta!

We want to thank all the teams for participating in this adventure with us!

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3: Semi-Finals!

We are getting closer and closer to the Grand final each day! The number of teams is now significantly lower but the excitement is significantly higher!

Let’s make a small summary of everything that went down.

The first RO16 saw an excellent performance from all teams participating with some of them doing better than others. During the second RO16, the invited teams went strong resulting in a lot of 2-0 wins. Out of all 8 matches, 5 were won by the invited teams and only 3 by the first participants. During the quarter-finals, 2-0 victories were falling like rain with 3 invited teams getting to the next stage and only 1 of the first participants.

The teams that passed to the stage of the semi-finals are 1WIN, mouz NXT, Lyngby Vikings, and AVE.

Some of the teams didn’t get the pass to the next stage but they did take some nice money prizes! Galaxy Racer and Young Ninjas finished the Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3 journey with 1,000$ while Izako Boars and INDE IRAE ended with 2,000$.

The stage of the semi-final is upon us and the matches are getting more intense with the upcoming battles:
1. AVE vs. Lyngby Vikings
2. 1WIN vs. mouz NXT

After that, we will pass to the grand-final! Both finalists will get a Bootcamp in Malta but only one will get to win the 16,000$ prize, increasing their total tournament winnings up to $25,000!

All these matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel!

Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3: Round of 16 Invites!

Today is an exciting day where we’re going to meet the invited teams and those who will battle with them!

Some of the teams that earn their place in this stage include Izako Boars, Nexus, and ONYX who have taken home 1,000$ as a prize of the RO16 stage.

There is going to be a lot of excitement during these matches and we can not wait!

October 17th:
1. Lyngby Vikings vs. hREDS
2️. mouz NXT vs. ONYX
3. 1WIN vs. Nexus
4. Sharks vs. INDE IRAE

October 18th:
1. Young Ninjas vs. ENTERPRISE
2. Galaxy Racer vs. MASONIC
3. Finest vs. AVE
4. Dignitas vs Izako Boars

After that, we’ll move to the Quarter Final where the teams will do their best to secure a chance to win the 25,000$ grand prize, with the two finalists getting a boot camp in Malta!

You can always watch the matches here:

The RO16 begins! Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3

It’s time for the exciting RO16 so let’s sum up the achievements so far!

We have a lot of games behind us which means that some of the teams have already picked up the prize money. These are e.g. Infinite Gaming, EC Brugge and Oilers who finalized their journey with $1,000 prizes.

During the RO16 stage we’re going to see some fantastic matchups, including:

October 15th:
2️⃣ ENTERPRISE vs 777
4️⃣ AURA vs AVE

October 16th:

On October 17th we’ll move to the next chapter of RO16 where the current participants will face our amazing invites:
Lyngby Vikings
Young Ninjas
Mouz NXT
Galaxy Racer

These matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel, with action going live from 10.00AM CEST. Let’s watch them together, shall we?

It’s time for Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3!

The third edition of the Malta Vibes Ultimate Knockout Series arrives on your screens starting on the 11th of October, where another 40 teams will come together to battle it out for the $50,000 prize pool.

With a packed-out lineup of teams coming from all over Europe and Brazil, we are sure to be gifted with some incredible matches as teams fight their way towards the top spot.

Once more, the format will follow the Single Elimination bracket and will once again reward the teams from the Round of 16 onwards who will all win a share of the prize pool for each victory they amass. Eventually, one team will have fought the hardest and will bag themselves up to $25,000. Not only that, but the winning team together with the runner-up will receive a bootcamp package in Malta!

The tournament will take place from 11th October to 21st October.

All matches can be watched on the official Twitch channels:


#VisitMalta #Pinnacle #Hellcase #GRID #EdenMaltaVibes