Malta Vibes Knockout Series #1 has come to an end!

The tournament gave us many exciting moments and many plays to remember, culminating in the grand finale during which we had a pleasure to watch two TOP teams: Entropiq vs Ence.

After a 3 map battle, Entropiq gained the title of Champions of the first edition and won the cash prize of 24 000$.
Both Entropiq and Ence will enjoy our premium bootcamp packages with a stay at the 5-star hotel in beautiful Malta.

We would like to congratulate all our participants! Many thanks to all of you for being with us during this time!

Now we’re looking forward to Malta Vibes Knockout Series #2 so stay tuned and don’t miss out on the fun!

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We’re 2 days apart from the grand final!

The first iteration of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series is getting closer to the end which means the amount of teams is getting smaller as we get nearer to the Grand Final.

The Round of 16 saw many great teams perform well, and some even exceeded their expectations, with teams like Copenhagen Flames moving into the Quarter Finals alongside Dignitas and some other teams.

With more games finalizing, comes more teams picking up prize money, with teams such as Nemiga, k23, and Spirit Academy already bagging themselves $1,000.

The next stage of the action will be even better than the previous, with some headline matches going down over the next couple of days.

Dignitas vs. Copenhagen Flames
Entropiq vs. Lyngby Vikings
ENCE vs. Apeks
Wisla Krakow vs. Izako Boars

These matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel, with action going live from 10.00AM CEST right through the day to keep you entertained!

Round of 16 begins!

We’re excited to announce that today we’re starting the next stage in Malta Vibes Knockout Series #1!

During this stage we’re going to see some exciting matches, including:

August 20th
1️⃣ AGO vs. Lyngby Vikings
2️⃣ Izako Boars vs. 777
3️⃣ Gorillaz vs. Nemiga
4️⃣ Wisla Krakow vs. Pact

August 21th
1️⃣ Apeks vs. BLINK
2️⃣ Spirit Academy vs. 100PG
3️⃣ k23 vs. Young Ninjas
4️⃣ CPH Flames vs. 1WIN

After that, we’ll move to another part of R016 where the current participant will meet our invites!

Are you ready for another portion of excitement? We definitely are!

Join us on and don’t miss out on the fun!


The first edition of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series goes live next week and the 40 teams who will participate are raring to go. These 40 teams are the first participants in the new Malta Vibes format that starts Monday 16th August.

The brand new format of Malta Vibes ensures the highest level of competitiveness between the teams, with only one chance in this tournament. The fight for first place and for survival is at its peak for these CS:GO teams.

There are some real highlight teams taking part in this event, including the likes of O PLANO who are back in Europe for the start of the new season. In terms of the European teams, there’s plenty of high-caliber teams involved. Teams such as Endpoint, Sprout, and more will be taking to the server!

Each team from the Round of 16 onwards will win a share of the prize pool for getting victories, however, the winner of the event will take home the lion’s share of the prize money, which is up to $25,000.

The matches will begin on the 16th of August and will run until 26th August, where a winner will be crowned. All of the action can be found on the official Twitch broadcasts. If you’re looking for the English language stream, that can be found here. For any Russian language viewers, you can watch here.