Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6 – the end!

The sixth and the last season of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series has reached its end. It was a wild ride until the very end of the tournament, and we got plenty of moments to remember!

The two finalists, 1shot and Team Spirit had splendid performances on the semis, with 1shot taking 2-1 after a powerful battle against EC Kyiv and Team Spirit winning 2-0 against another invited team, SINNERS.

On the last stage of the Grand Final, both teams went all-in and did their best to become Malta Vibes’ last champions. After a fierce battle full of surprises and upsets, Team Spirit came on top with a 2-0 score! Even though 1shot didn’t get the grand prize, they managed to advance to the last stage and therefore they received a well-deserved money prize of $9,000, while our true victor, Team Spirit, received $24,000! Both finalists are also getting a bootcamp each to further sharpen their skills and tactics for future battles! It’ll all take place in beautiful Malta.

Team Spirit’s victory will be well remembered by all of us, as they are our last champion. Congratulations to winners and best wishes for their next adventure!

Kudos to all teams that participated in the last season, as well as to everyone who stayed with us until the very end.

All six seasons together made the most exciting adventure for us, and we will surely remember every moment of it.

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: Quarter & Semi Finals!

We are only a few hours away from the new stage of the Quarter Finals and we can already feel the heat!

The first RO16 had its upsets with a lot of surprises on the way! Most of the matches ended with 2-0 giving the third map a rest, but the battle between Young Ninjas and Finest was particularly fierce, as Young Ninjas showed no mercy and took Inferno 1-16. The RO16 #2 was also something to remember! The participants were determined to win and so they did, with only three invited teams getting to the next stage. Team Anonymo really stood out, with their performance so far but also with their smooth 16-2 win on Nuke against ENTERPRISE.

Teams that didn’t do so well, are going home with $1,000 including Entropiq Prague and PACT, while Astralis Talent and Young Ninjas are going back to base with $2,000 in their pockets. All standing participants are eager to start the new stage as it will bring them closer and closer to the 2 bootcamps and to the money prize of up to $25,000!

We have some very promising battles on the quarter-finals schedule:
1. Nemiga vs. EC Kyiv
2. 1shot vs. Anonymo
4. Team Spirit vs. SAW

All these matches can be viewed on Eden’s official Twitch channel, with battles starting from 10 AM until 7 PM CET!


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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: Round of 16 Invites!

The sixth edition of the Malta Vibes is getting closer to the finish line! Today starts the coveted Round of 16 Invites, and everything is right in place for the new stage.

The first RO16 gave us many moments to remember, and we absolutely loved it! On the first day, D13 and HellRaisers were both decided to take the win, resulting in a third map, but D13’s talents secured them a 2-1 victory. There were also some players that caught our eyes during this stage, such as Frederik ‘’Fessor’’ Sørensen from Astralis Talent, who reached an ADR of 120.1 and 2.09 KD, and Artem ‘’iDISBALANCE’’ Egorov from Nemiga, who managed an impact of 1.72 and a few multikill 3 during the match against Budapest Five.

Some of the teams that weren’t so lucky and got eliminated went home with $1,000 in their pockets including HellRaisers, PACT, Budapest Five, and Apeks Rebels.

Now our participants are on their way to meet the invited teams and they’ll have to make greater efforts in order to get to the finish line, where 2 bootcamps in Malta are waiting for the two finalists and $25,000 for the true victor!

February 13th:
1. SINNERS vs. Astralis Talent
2. SKADE vs. EC Kyiv
3. Unique vs. Nemiga
4. Team Spirit vs. Young Ninjas

February 14th:
1. ENTERPRISE vs. Anonymo
2. SAW vs. D13
4. AGO vs. 1shot

All matches can be watched on Eden’s official Twitch channel, with CS:GO action starting from 10 AM to 7 PM!

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: the start of RO16

RO32 is already far behind us, which means that we are entering the RO16 stage! Squads that advanced fiercely to the next chapter, will have to battle each other before they’ll meet our exciting invites in RO16 #2.

RO32 served us many splendid moments but besides the overall team efforts, there were some individuals who had absolutely stellar performances during the first stage of the last edition of Malta Vibes Knockout Series. Our special shout-outs go to: KWERTZZ from Entropiq Prague for spoiling us with 105.3 ADR, bnox from PACT for an ACE to remember, iDISBALANCE for another ultra-smooth ACE, J3NSYY for a gorgeous clutch win and Smash for some spectacular multi-kills during Wednesday’s battle.

The scheduled matchups that are going down in the upcoming days are:

February 11th:
1. Hellraisers vs. D13
2. Astralis Talent vs. Into The Breach
3. Apeks Rebels vs. GMT
4. PACT vs. EC Kyiv

February 12th:
1. Nemiga vs.Budapest Five
2. 1shot vs. HONORIS
3. Finest vs. Young Ninjas
4. Anonymo vs. Entropiq Prague

All the above battles can be viewed on Eden’s official Twitch channel, so join us and don’t miss out on the fun:

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6 is here!

After five exciting seasons, it is time for the sixth and last one! The Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6 is scheduled to arrive on our screens on February 7th. As always, 40 teams, 32 participants, and 8 invited teams will battle each other to get to the total prize pools of $50,000 and two bootcamps in Malta.

With teams from all over the world, this season will give us some very interesting matches!

The tournament’s format will continue as the previous one, with Single Elimination brackets, and from the first Round of 16 and after, the teams will share a piece of the prize pool for every win they take! The two last teams of the series will receive 2 boot camps in delightful Malta, while the finalist will take up to a $25,000 money prize!

The tournament will take place from February 7th!

All matches can be viewed on Eden’s official twitch channel, with CS:GO action starting at 10 AM to 7 PM every day until February 17th!

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5 – we’ve got the winners!

The fifth edition of the Malta Vibes has come to an end. It has been a wild run throughout each round of the tournament which provided us breathtaking moments.

The final pair had to battle strong contenders at the semis. HEET took forZe 2:1 while K23 had to deal with SINNERS and it also took them 3 maps to come on top of the rivals. Each match was packed with emotions to the brim. It’s a pleasure to watch immense battles like the ones we were witnesses of.

Later on, we experienced an incredible fight for first place in this edition of Malta Vibes. Team HEET turned out to have an upper hand in the grand final defeating K23 2:0! However, K23 is not leaving empty-handed – an $8,000 award is a well-deserved reward for being knocked out by just one team. This one team is HEET and their winnings are $24,000! On top of that, both squads from the Grand Final will also enjoy a boot camp in Malta – an invaluable experience that will help them to improve on their performances in the future. 

We bet HEET will remember this Knockout Series #5 as it is their first win in all of our Malta Vibes competitions. Huge congratulations to the winners! Hope to see them again soon!

Kudos to all teams participating as well as to each and every member of the audience.
Stay with Eden Esports Twitch channel for the next editions of Malta Vibes ☀️ You would not regret it!

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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5: Quarter & Semi Finals!

Another season of the Malta Vibes draws to a close. The journey so far has only given us unpredictable moments that kept us on the edge of our seats! 

To make a small recap: during the first stage, all participants shined bright and exhibited real talent, but some of the teams had better strategies and counted more wins, resulting in their qualification. In the RO16#1, the teams made vigorous efforts to take the victory, and some of them managed to impress us with their performance! The first day of RO16#2 was a blast for the invited big brains, as they took all the victories. The second day was filled with 2:0 actions that made the deciding maps rest a bit.

Unfortunately, the teams that didn’t pass to the next stage have to go home, but not empty-handed: 1shot, Young Ninjas, UNGENTIUM, and Nexus are leaving with $1,000 in their pockets, as they manage to get to the RO16#2. The teams that moved to the Quarter-Finals include mostly the invites such as 1 WIN, CPH Flames, SINNERS, K23, and ECSTATIC but also Wisla Krakow – a team fighting from the early stages of the series #5. 

The upcoming battles will be more intense than ever, as the teams will fight for the few spots that have been left in order to get to the finish line. Both finalists will receive a bootcamp in Malta, and the true champion will also get the grand prize of up to $25,000!

January 25th:
1. k23 vs. ECSTATIC
2. HEET vs. 1WIN
3. SINNERS vs. Wisla Krakow
4. CPH Flames vs. forZe

All these matches can be viewed on the Eden Esports Twitch channel starting from 10 am CET. ☀️

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Ready for the RO16#2!

The first RO16 was a roller coaster and we loved every minute of it! Today the Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5 continues to the next stage, where some famous names are waiting to battle against the participants. 

Some of the teams that had top performances are Nexus, Entropiq Prague, and AVE, who not only qualified for the RO16#2 but also snatched $1,000 of the prize pool. Other teams weren’t so lucky and unfortunately will have to return home empty-handed.

The upcoming matches look very promising and we cannot wait for them to start!

January 23rd:
1. 1shot vs. SINNERS
2. Young Ninjas vs. CPH Flames
3. UNGENTIUM vs. k23
4. Nexus vs. ECSTATIC

January 24th:
1. Los Reyes vs. 1WIN
2. AVE vs. HEET
3. Entropiq Prague vs. forZe
4. Wisla Krakow vs. AGO

After this stage, we’ll move on to the quarter-finals, where the stakes will be higher, as the team will have to give their best to secure a spot in the semi-finals, After that the two finalists will get a bootcamp in Malta but only one will win the $16,000 money prize!

As always you watch all matches on Eden’s official Twitch channel, where the fun begins from 10 AM until 19 PM!


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Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5: RO16 begins!

Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5: RO16 begins!

After a promising RO32, we are moving off to the RO16! As of today, the teams will have to step up their game if they want to qualify for the next stage, as the spots are getting fewer for each stage.

Some of the teams that caught our eyes during the RO32 are B8, AVE, and Wisla Krakow, with all of them showing extraordinary talent and very well-planned strategies, resulting in the qualification of the teams.

The scheduled matchups that are going down in the next 2 days are:

January 21st:
1. Nexus vs. Into The Breach
3. B8 vs. Entropiq Prague
4. AVE vs. ex-Coalesce

January 22nd:
1. LPSP vs. Young Ninjas
2. 1shot vs. D13
3. Los Reyes vs. PACT
4. 777 vs. Wisla Krakow

All the above battles can be viewed on Eden’s official Twitch channel, with matches going live from 10 AM to 19 PM:

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Ready for the Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5?

The fifth tournament of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series begins next week! The 40 teams who will participate, including top ones such as fnatic and CPH Flames, as well as some new names such as 1shot, Los-Reyes, UNGENTIUM, are eager to start, which means that new matchups and a lot of excitement and plot twists are on the way!

If you’re not familiar with our prizes yet, teams from all over the world are coming to fight for the total of $50,000 prize pool and 2 boot camps in picturesque Malta!
It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

The format will follow the same principles as the previous ones: Single Elimination brackets and from the first Round of 16 and on the winners will take a share of the prize pool for every victory they take. The two finalists will win 2 boot camps in breathtaking Malta, but only one will be crowned as the tournament’s champion and will take home
the $25,000 money prize.

The tournament is scheduled to start on January 17th until January 27th.

All matches can be watched on Eden’s official Twitch channel:

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